Liquid & Irregular Brushes - Calligraphic Brushes

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Draw irregular/liquid lines in Adobe Illustrator with The Intergalactic Liquid & Irregular Calligraphic Brushes. The brush pack allows you to simulate random hand pressure, bringing a juicy aspect to your outlines and an authentic result on your artwork.

The illustrations made by me are made from simple calligraphic brushes from Adobe Illustrator. My dynamic outline is made on drawing tablet, which I press heavy to get a bolder stroke and press soft to have a thin stroke.

These brushes simulate my technique. You don't need to press light or press heavy to make your irregular outline. I created every single brush in order to help you to save energy and time. You don't even need a drawing tablet to do that =). 

  • 25 Irregular Strokes & Brushes
  • 2 Vector Illustrations comparing with and without the brushes
  • 2 PDFs - How to setup
  • 1 Video - How to use
  • You will have lifetime updates related to this package.