Ohuhu Art Markers - The Complete Art Guide

Written by Fernando Nunes


Posted on August 25 2023

Hey there, fellow artists and creators!

I'm excited to dive into something truly special in today's and VERY FIRST blog post. You guessed it right – we're going on an artistic journey with the mesmerizing Ohuhu alcohol markers! From the moment I cracked open the box to the final brushstroke, I'm here to take you through the entire experience, from unboxing to teaching. You can watch the video below.


If you don't want to spend 26 minutes of your life on learning something cool, let's summarize the content and say what I think about the experience:


Unboxing the Magic

Starting from the unboxing, I couldn't contain my excitement as I revealed the 120-piece Ohuhu marker collection. Although I may have faked the unboxing for the camera, the true reveal left me awestruck. What struck me even more was the level of organization within – sections for every batch of markers, a silicone sheet to protect against any ink bleed, and a captivating manual that delves into the essence of the brand.


The Ohuhu Experience

Speaking of the manual, it's more than just a guide; it's a gateway into the heart of Ohuhu. The brand's name itself, inspired by the vivid landscapes of Oahu in Hawaii, sets the tone for the vibrant journey these markers offer. I explored the different series, brush types, and even the refill possibilities that the Ohuhu markers boast. The quality and selection of pigments are top-notch, a fact that becomes evident as you dive into the creative process.


Mastering the Art

Before we even begin to explore the markers on paper, understanding the color palette is paramount. Choosing colors for your masterpiece involves a careful dance between analogous shades that create a seamless flow, mimicking the colors of nature itself. With my chosen palette of blue, purple, and pink, I embarked on a creative journey that was both experimental and immensely satisfying.


Highlights, Shadows, and Beyond

The journey continued as I strategically applied highlights, shadows, and base colors to my character. The dual-tipped markers, with their fine and brush ends, allowed for meticulous detailing as well as bold, flowing strokes. As I applied highlights with precision and blended colors to create depth, I couldn't help but admire the richness of the pigments. The markers effortlessly transformed the canvas, breathing life into my creation.


A Symphony of Blending

Blending became an art of its own. Layering colors, transitioning from one hue to another, and watching the colors harmonize was nothing short of magical. The depth and vibrancy achieved through blending are a testament to the quality of these markers. They enabled me to explore new shades and gradients that added dimension to every stroke.


Bringing the Vision to Life

As the artwork took shape, the markers continued to impress. With the fine-tuned line art and carefully layered colors, the character truly came to life. The variety in each marker's tip allowed for intricate details in the character's hair, jacket, and accessories. I was thrilled to witness the transformation and see my vision unfold on paper.


A Celestial Backdrop

To complete the masterpiece, a galactic backdrop was in order. Playing with the entire spectrum of colors, I crafted a breathtaking galaxy using predominantly darker shades, creating a striking contrast with the character. The blending of colors in the background mirrored the interplay of light and shadow on the character, resulting in a cohesive and eye-catching composition.


The Final Flourish

With every brushstroke, I witnessed the potential of Ohuhu markers unfold. From highlights to shadows, base colors to blending, each step was a testament to the markers' quality and versatility. The result was a vibrant artwork that echoed the beauty of nature's color palettes. As the finishing touch, tiny specks of acrylic paint added a touch of whimsy to the celestial sky, resembling stars twinkling in the night.

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Embrace the Journey

My journey with Ohuhu markers was nothing short of captivating. From unboxing the collection to applying the finishing touches, each moment was a celebration of creativity. If you're on the lookout for markers that offer rich pigments, smooth blending, and endless creative possibilities, Ohuhu should undoubtedly be on your radar. 

That's all folks!

Thank you for joining with me!

Let's keep creating!